Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Gist you of my dreams

Years ago, before CGI.....
When monitors were big dark, you were happy if the text was able to change to orange and green.
Yes, remember those days.
Many moons ago (hehehe) I had a dream, one of those that you never forget.  
I dreamt I was sitting at a computer, I turned it off, got up and proceeded to the television and turned it off.  I then sat down on my couch when all of sudden my printer prints out a line of symbols.
As I'm looking at it the monitor screen comes on, it is filled with clouds and a pretty blue sky, then a face appears, it is some guy with glasses.  I later recognize him as Bill Gates, or a man resembling the man we know as Bill .  He smiled and then proceeded to tell me that  I could talk to the dead by using Windows.  Everything I ever wanted to know, everyone I wanted to talk to and learn about, I could obtain through Windows.   It was a WINDOW to the other dimensions, if used properly.  Then I awoke.
Weird, yes!
It wasn't long after that I became involved in changing from main frame dinosaur (IBM s34 ) to a PC format, then later implemented  a program for a computer in each tribal home. I could go on but that is not the story.

Was that I had never forgot that dream, never told anyone but my journal, never really gave it too much thought until one night .  I was kneeling next to my couch putting my laptop in the briefcase for recharging, when the PC screen in the living room flickered.  Immediately followed by the printer spitting out a sheet of hearts and circles.


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